Eye Candy


Anything from 2 to 100 threesdalifers getting together to ride and enjoy the experience – all the way from a quick ride in the local area, cars and coffee, under the bridge meet ups, to grab some lunch or dinner or even a ride to the dealership.

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Preplanned destination events… Anything from making a trip to The Firm for a track day, going to a bike show or rally, adventure rides with a destination that will thrill and chill taking you to the next level of excitement like zip lining or bungie jumping.

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Do you like things on three wheels and do you need to get a fix for your threesdalife addiction? This is the place to show off the hottest, baddest trikes around. Would you like to have your bike added?  Reach out to us on the Contact page.

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Latest News

08/12/16 Jacksonville.com Feature
Local 3-wheelers head cross-country, then back again after Saturday display at Times-Union.

04/30/16 New NE FL Slingshot Dealer
We now have a new Northeast Florida Slingshot dealer located in Flemming Island – HoleShot Powersports.

05/02/16 New Limited Edition Slingshot
Slingshot has a new limited edition Blue Fire SL.

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Slingshots Coast to Coast

Jacksonville Beach Pier to Santa Monica Pier
We are going to start out before the sun starts shining from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. This is our bucket list adventure to ride coast to coast and all points in between.  This will include casinos, The Alamo, Big Steaks, caverns, alien sightings and zip lining all the way to the Pacific coast where we can see the stars – maybe even appear on The Price is Right!

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