Do you have a bucket list? We do!

Our goal in starting Threes da Life is to promote, not only the three wheeled lifestyle, but to add some adventure to it as well. Join us on our adventures by becoming part of our community, and maybe starting your own adventures along the way!


We started off like most kids on our three wheeled tricycles adorning our trikes with tassels, horns, baseball cards in the spokes for sound, all in the pursuit of being different, special or just to stand out in the crowd.


As adults we have taken our three wheeled toys to the next level as well, maybe for the same reasons when we were kids, maybe not, but the results are still the same….. FUN and Excitement!


As children we were thrilled to make it across the street if we were lucky ……and now as adults – it’s across the country!


So check in on us from time to time, as we grow accustomed to this electronic gizmo called a website…. We will post upcoming events, current events, rides, group rides, special surprises and maybe even a guest or two, you never know who we might pick up along the way!